Home: The residence of the family unit; The country where one was born or has settled; An environment where one feels comfortable and safe.

The varying definitions of this word all resonate in the work of Alison McKay. Her year in residence in the Italian city of Naples has had a lasting impact on her practice, leaving behind a constant yearning for further travel and exploration of place. However, the displacement felt while abroad has also left her with a true sense of appreciation for being home.

Hometown influences also show through in McKay’s practice. From Judy Watson to Bruce Reynolds, Brisbane artists have shown an intense fascination with mapping. In reference to her practice, McKay quotes architect  Eyal Weizman:

"Incidental inflections of a line drawn on a geographic map can dramatically affect people’s lives, carving through property, shifting the balance of power to one side of the line or the other".

The composition of McKay’s lithographic print “Attachment” begins with a keen observation of these drawn lines. Captivated by the ability of maps to represent complex landscapes through simple means, McKay takes these existing lines and rearranges them, combining aerial views of both Brisbane and Naples - constructing her own landscapes and generating her own definition of home.

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