The recent series of oil on canvas painting by Matthew Sneesby all demonstrate elements of chance within their construction.

His playfully pastel large scale work Mallarm√© removes the control of the artist in the creative process. So titled for the influence Stephane Mallarm√©’s poetry played in its conception, this work is created with the throw of a dice following a formula that determines colour, composition and form.

“A throw of the dice
Even when truly cast in the eternal circumstance”

These chance creations continue with Stunned (Stunned me). A reinterpretation of a childhood drawing, stumbled upon in an inbox. The work complements Mallarmé in its brush work and contrasts it in colour scheme. It is self reflective in nature and allows the artist to revisit a childlike observation of the world.

Sneesby’s most recent work, Love me…?, Love me not is birthed from this childlike observat nature. A Chatroulette screenshot provides the source imagery. The social website - originally an innocent idea for strangers to have chance social encounters through webcams - has been overrun with adult content. Initially a quite harsh and perverse image in content, the image has been softened by the artist and the innocent and childlike intent has been brought back to the picture.

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