Self representation in the digital age is a part of everyday life for young adults, however there can be a huge disparity between the self image you choose to project and your true personality traits. There are stereotypical profiles for young males centered around strength, assertion, aggression and ambition. The indestructible Iron Man and the underlying overcharged sexual energy that drives him.

Kristian Fracchia’s recent series of drawings and prints explores the anxiety experienced when reality does not meet these expectations. Loki Groves comments on the work:

“The work here could be seen as a reaction against and an ongoing personal relationship and struggle with conventional performed gender, particularly in a context of conservatism and conservative politics in Australia. In just one of the ongoing attempts to establish a society in which new masculinities are welcome, the work is upfront about the confusion of bodily consciousness and sexuality as a young man. The work deals with a particular tension, the reality of the animal nature and aspect of the human body and its effect on the mind, and the striving for a more sensitive, conscious, and realised, behaviour. The work is meant as a personal expression of anguish, lust, and absurdity. It’s profundity is through its frank starkness. Each mark is imbued with the personal, and the work is absolutely an exploration of the personal and individual lived experience through the body as a political entity.”

As a humble, passive and gentle young male, Fracchia drawings are an exploration of self. Through the process of creating the works, Fracchia comes to terms with his individual self representation and where that falls between his own personality and the social expectations surrounding his gender.


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